Benefits Of Green Roofing in Ann Arbor MI

Benefits Of Green Roofing in Ann Arbor MI

You will find many types of roof shingles in the market at Ann Arbor MI. Roof shingles can be made of different materials such as asphalt, wood, metal, fiberglass, slate, solar panels as well as organic shingles. Green roofs stand out from the wide arrays of roof shingles as it brings to the table, unique benefits to the homeowner, to the community and the environment at large. Green roofing involves the planting of vegetations over a waterproofing membrane on rooftops in place of the conventional roof sheets or shingles. Some of these benefits will be discussed, and perhaps, they will be convincing enough to let you opt for green roofs in your next building project.


  • There is an improved roof life: The plants in the roofing system protects the waterproofing membrane from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This reduces the chances of physical damage, hence extending the roof life to some considerable extent.
  • It reduces the amount of runoff water: Unlike the regular roof shingles that provide pathways for water from rainfall to flow off the roof, green roofs rather retain a substantial amount of the water and is utilized by the plants for their growth. It helps to reduce the possibility of flooding and in the same vein, improve community water management.
  • There is a reduced energy cost: With a heightened inclination for energy conservation, green roofs should be the best option as it provides massive energy saving. The roof serves as an insulator to the building, thus reducing heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. This reduces the energy demand and by extension, the associated energy cost used for cooling and heating.
  • It provides space for a garden which beautifies the house: The aesthetical outlook of a garden on rooftops is beyond what words can sufficiently describe. Edible plants can as well be grown on the garden. More garden space, more fruits, more beauty. You couldn’t have asked for more.
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  • The vegetation serves as a habitat for insects and wildlife: Insects such as praying mantids, ants, ladybugs, bees, etc. are beneficial to the environment. While some help in the pollination of the plants thus improving plant growth, some others may keep pests under control. Animals like rabbits, birds, and lizards, which thrives in green roof vegetations, also help to balance the ecosystem.
  • It counterbalances the effect of greenhouse gases emission: The emission of greenhouse gases (GNG) such as carbon dioxide and methane, produced by various human activity has become a concern to the global community. The burning of fossil fuels seems to be involved in most machines operation which emits these environmentally harmful gases. However, the action of the plant’s respiration and photosynthesis produces oxygen and use up carbon dioxide alongside. This helps to balance the ecosystem as well as reduce the depletion of the ozone layer, reduce acid rain and lower the climate change menace.
  • There is an improved air quality: The vegetation on green roofs improves the quality of surrounding air by arresting air pollutants such as particulate matter and dust in the air.

The multifaced benefits of the use of green roofing in Ann Arbor MI are inexhaustible. Hope this has helped to inform your decision when selecting the type of roof to use for that next building project.