All You Need to Know About High-Velocity Heating and Cooling Monroe Michigan

All You Need to Know About High Velocity Heating and Cooling Monroe Michigan

Your home’s heating and cooling system involves researching your options and money on your chosen option’s purchase and installation. However, the number of systems available may seem overwhelming for heating and cooling Monroe Michigan. However, think of it as proof that today’s homeowners are luckier than ever to access such a wide range of alternatives and cutting-edge technology.

Facts About High-Velocity Heating and Cooling Monroe Michigan 

High-velocity HVAC is one highly effective, cutting-edge option that is becoming popular in heating and cooling Monroe Michigan. Due to its small footprint, this system, also known as “small-duct” HVAC, uses flexible, narrow tubing that can be readily routed through existing space in walls, floors, and ceilings to provide comfort throughout the house. Continue reading to find out how a small-duct high-velocity HVAC system might help you save money from installation through effective year-round operation if you want to stretch your budget without sacrificing comfort.

Additionally, Air Handlers are Made to Reduce Energy Costs

A system must be supported by more than just ductwork to be extremely effective. Modern air handler units contain programmable, electronically commutated motors with variable speeds that consume less electricity than their traditional counterparts. Regarding the daily electrical energy used, some systems outperform traditional air handler units with greater SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measurement of cooling output divided by energy consumption). Owners may be confident that virtually all of this efficiency is recovered because of the system’s better ducting.

Homeowners Can Feel Comfortable at Warmer Temperatures by Removing Humidity

When high-velocity air enters your living areas, it drags the surrounding air into its stream to maintain a uniformly comfortable climate free of drafts. Compared to traditional or mini-split systems, this aspiration enables air supply and the system’s distinctive cooling coil structure to remove 30% more moisture from houses. Less moisture, or lower humidity, means that people won’t need to drop the thermostat as much to be comfortable. You now have money in your pocket. Every time you use the system to cool your home, you use less energy than a conventional system because each degree increase in the target temperature equates to a 3% reduction in energy use.

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An HVAC System with High Velocity Needs Very Little to no Remodelling

The cost of installing a new heating and cooling system in an existing, frequently older home tends to be high, encouraging homeowners to remain with less convenient, more obtrusive options like window air conditioners and portable heaters. Adding soffits and dropped ceilings to house ducting or eliminating walls to create room for an air handler is just a few of the necessary alterations to establish a typical system.

Slim systems provide the benefit of more flexibility. With an inner diameter of 2 to 212 inches, its thin tubing may weave through and around existing wall cavities, ceilings, and floors. The main ducting is only one-third the size of traditional HVAC systems’ ducts. The system’s modular air handler may be arranged horizontally or vertically to fit a crawl space or even an existing closet, if necessary, without any additional space in your living area.


Certain energy-efficiency incentives may be available for new high-velocity heating and cooling Monroe Michigan. Incentives like home energy loans, energy-efficiency interest rate reductions (EEIRRs) applied to loans, and rebates for installing energy-efficient appliances and central air systems can help pay for your environmentally friendly investment and the savings you’ll see in your monthly energy bills.