All Necessary Things You Should Do When Installing a New Roof in Canton Michigan

Canton Michigan Roofer

Whether your home is new or old in Canton Michigan, having a reliable and strong roofing system should be your priority since you can’t allow leaks and other roofing problems to damage your house and properties. However, local roofing contractors are the best for the new Roof Canton Michigan because they understand your ecosystem best.

Installing a new roof in Canton Michigan is not the only home improvement project you can do, no doubt that it demands much bucks, but there are some things you can do to improve the appealing look of your home once a new roof is installed.

There are many types of roofing materials used by people in Canton Michigan based on the climatic conditions and their choice. Nevertheless, asphalt shingles are most common because of its durability and other unique features attached to it. Apart from getting a new roof installed, there are some vital things you should consider asking your roofing contractor to do to get the best out of the new roof.

Therefore, in this article, I shall tell you all the necessary things you should do to add more value, increase the lifespan, as well as the energy efficiency of a new roof in Canton Michigan.

Consider Tear-off

Whenever there is a need for getting a new roof installed, there are various options for doing it. Some roofers in Canton Michigan will suggest tear-off, and other might recommend re-roofing. Tear-off is the installation process where the existing roofing materials are entirely removed. Thus, after the shingles have been removed, the roof decking will be inspected for possible problems and repair before installing a new roof.

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Moreover, re-roofing (Also known as roof-over) is the method of placing and installing a new roofing material over the existing one. This can help in cutting costs on the roofing project. Nevertheless, it is always good to consider tear-off as you will be getting a new roof without any problem.

Consider Ice Dam Protection When Installing Your New Roof in Canton Michigan

It is possible for your roofing system in Canton Michigan to build up an ice dam during the winter, however, if you skip to install roof ice dam protection, be prepared to face the consequences. Protecting your roof investment is vital, an ice dam can damage your ceiling, the exterior of your house as well as the roof decking.

Therefore, the best time to install ice dam protection is when you are installing your new roof in Caton Michigan because the process of installing ice dam protection after the roof has been installed can be complicated and you will incur additional expenses.

Consider Quality Roofing Material and Other Surviving Elements

The quality roofing material that can resist the climatic condition of your area is the first factor a professional roofing contractor in Canton Michigan should consider. Your roofing material will significantly determine the number of years that your roofing system will last, however, apart from that, there are some other important elements you should consider if you want to get the best out of the newly installed roof.

Prevention is better than cure, to prevent unexpected roofing problems you should consider things such as skylight seals, chimney, plumbing skipping, etc. Most homeowners ignore its importance, but they are of advantage to you.

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Your roofing material should be energy efficient material if your home needs more energy efficiency. Colors that are more energy efficient can be right for your home, and attic insulation will also go a long way.

Keep the Roof Adequately Ventilated

It is essential to allow the outside air to enter and exit the attics and ventilation spaces. The reason for roof ventilation is to keep your roof temperature cool and control ice dams that were developed during the winter.

Moreover, hot air is full of moisture and the water hanging in the attic can make condensation to build up and excess condensation and heat can damage your roofing materials. If your new roof in Canton Michigan is well ventilated, it will increase its lifespan. You can install automatic vents and vent fans for your roof to help the ventilation.


When installing a new roof in Canton Michigan, always look for a professional roofing contractor with a valid license and understood the benefits of all that was mentioned above. Though it might be expensive, but it worth it.

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