5 Materials Included in Roof Repair Dearborn Michigan

5 Materials Included in Roof Repair Dearborn Michigan

Several materials are brought together to form a standard roofing system. There are some essential materials included in roof repair Dearborn Michigan. Each of these parts is installed to protect your family, give comfort and keep them away from harsh elements. Here are the materials that should be included in your roofing projects. 

Essential Materials for Roof Repair Dearborn Michigan

The following roofing materials are an integral part of a roofing system without which a roofing system cannot exist.

1. Roof Decking

The roof decking is the wooden board used to frame the roof. Your shingles and every other roofing material are installed on the roof deck. The deck may be replaced when there is a need for roof replacement. Your contractor would let you understand more about the replacement after removing the old roof. In the case that your decks are rotten, then there may be a cause for replacement. However, if the deck is still in good condition, the roofer may decide to install a new roof.

2. Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is installed wherever shingles butt up against something such as the chimney or walls. It could also be installed in an open valley. During a new roof installation, the flashing may not be replaced. If the metal is still strong and not yet rusted, then there would be no need to make a replacement. However, if you decide to upgrade from a 3-tab design to a dimensional asphalt shingle design, then the roof flashing would need to be changed.

3. Drip Edge

A drip edge is a metal flashing that roofers install at the roof’s edges to properly channel the flow of water out of the fascia and other roof components. The drip edge needs to be replaced when you need to make a new roof installation Dearborn Mi.. Drip edge is a code to have on your roof. Without it, the property is likely to fail a home inspection. If your property does not have the drip edge, you will have to install it before you can have it placed for sale on the market. 

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4. Ridge Capping

Ridge capping, just like the name, is a trim installed at the top where the two slopes of a roof connect. This part of the roofing system is known to be thicker than the regular shingles. Also, they are pre-bent to enable them to form to the rooftop’s edge. The ridge capping is also replaced during a new roof installation. It should be noted that some roofers would prefer to use 3-tab asphalt shingles to make ridge capping to minimize costs. However, 3-tabs are manufactured for this purpose, which could lead to roof leaks. Therefore, always ensure that you are getting the right ridge capping from your roofer. 

5. Pipe Boots

Roof pipes must be well-covered to prevent water from running into the home. For this reason, the pipe boots come in handy. Pipe boots are synthetic rubber used around the home to prevent leaks. They are to be replaced when carrying out a new roof installation. 


Many of the roofing materials will be changed when you want to make a new roof replacement. Also, when planning for a roof repair Dearborn Michigan, damaged materials must be changed too. This will enable the roofing system to work perfectly and last longer for the safety of those living under the roof.